It started way back when I was a young teenager with a very patient mum!

I was constantly moving my bedroom furniture around and then it progressed to painting and even wallpapering my walls, fairly often.

Thankfully my mum would allow me to do this, I was pretty OCD so I wasn’t that messy (then!) it was either that or because my Gramp had his own decorating business so she may have thought it had rubbed off on me somehow! My mum was pretty handy with a brush too and also worked for a sculpture, so quite arty. While I’m talking about my family, my Dad is an engineer and also has a woodworking workshop and my sister is a very intricate glass painter.

Before the age of 5 I’d expressed my artistic ‘talent’!

I cannot remember any of this, but it is a story often told. Firstly, while my Dad was decorating a wall with ‘expensive’ wallpaper, he had popped to a neighbour for coffee (don’t panic I was a 70’s kid!) While gone I decided to stick one hand in the paste and one into the paint and smeared a lovely pattern all over the newly decorated wall. I was pleased, they weren’t. Then I snuck into a neighbour’s garage with an accomplice and, again, found paint, and started painting THEIR walls (oh dear!) I think the best one was after we moved into a Victorian house that my parents worked hard to buy… there was, by my mum’s admission, hideous wallpaper in the hallway. One day I went to get her excitedly to show her what I’d done, she says I was only 3 years old, the paper had large flowers all over it, to which I, with mum’s lipstick, drew stalks on all of those I could reach! My one and only wall mural!

And then I grew up…

I had studied art and textiles at school and taken a two year Interior Design course after but didn’t at that time pursue any of it as a career. And then at 23 myself and my bonkers ex-husband bought a 200 year old cottage to renovate. We must have been mad! What followed was a quick learning curve on DIY, we did most of the renovations ourselves and a year later moved in to enjoy it. Five years later we sold up and renovated another property. Now living in a newish house, I decorate about every 3 years to balance out the pretty boring room shapes! I have one more renovation in me…when the time is right, I will get the tools out again. My dream is to incorporate a studio/shop as well, with a coffee and music hang out.

Looking forward (I always have a plan!)

Like lots of people, Lockdown 2020 gave me the time away from my other business to explore the hobbies that had been set aside. I had collected furniture over the years, in fact I had a shipping container haha. Once I started refurbishing and actually selling pieces, I set about making it part of my working week. Weekends are dedicated painting times as I still run my other business (Sports Massage Therapist) throughout the week. I love taking a drab piece of furniture and giving it a new colourful life, back to my mum again… she always used to say ‘you can make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear’ a famous saying apparently! I think it’s born from having zero budget on the first house renovation and making good that we had. I studied and adored abstract art at school and college and I have recently explored this more with canvas painting.

Thank you for reading, I am as intrigued, as hopefully you are too, to see where this new venture will take me. All I do know is that I am having a ball along the way!

Karen x

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